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The Transport Control Service of Astana detected more than 100 violations in the first 2 weeks of April

The Transport Control Service of Astana detected 112 violations in the first 2 weeks of April.

As reported by inspectors there were such violations as speeding, mobile phone use while driving, inadequate sanitation conditions of buses, missing of halting point, unloading and loading of passengers in illegal places, as well as smoking in buses during the break.

According to these facts the reports were drawn up on the basis of which decisions towards violators will be made during a weekly taking.

In addition, during the inspection of urban public transport inspectors of TCS Transport Control Department determined 9 traffic accidents, 4 of which had been committed by the fault of the drivers.

It is to be recalled that inspectors of the Transport Control Service visit bus depots every day in order to check technical and sanitation conditions of buses prior to usage. In addition, during the working day they check drivers and conductors of buses with respect to compliance to all rules of transportation of passengers and luggage in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan and traffic rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For further information on activities of the Transport Control Service of Astana, please refer to the section “Projects”.

13.04.2016 06:01:00