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Adaptive control of traffic lights

One of the key qualities of a modern city is transport accessibility, which plays an important social and economic role in maintaining high quality of life. Considering the rapid development of Astana, an integrated approach to management of transport system of the city is required in order to successfully implement current and further city development plans. One of these solutions is implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

"Astana LRT" LLP is the first and only company in Kazakhstan, which implemented the ITS project in Astana. This assignment was given by the Head of state in order to effectively control traffic flows through introduction of modern technologies and automated traffic management systems.

ITS project consists of several subsystems:

  • System of adaptive control of traffic lights. Controlled crossroads are equipped with special equipment for detection of traffic flows and connection with central software installed on the servers of the traffic control center. Main purpose of the adaptive control of traffic lights is optimization of traffic for reduction of traffic delays. During the management of traffic signalization, traffic flow is registered in all directions of crossroad including adjacent crossroads.
  • Driver informing system. Installation of information boards and variable information signs.
  • Traffic control system of public transport. Equipping city buses with onboard traffic control, video surveillance and passenger counting equipment as well as TFT and Led monitors.
  • Passenger informing system. Installation of information boards at stopping points of public transport, development of mobile applications for smart phones and website with opportunity to choose a necessary route.
  • System of video surveillance of crossroads. Equipping 30 crossroads with mobile and fixed cameras for visual analysis of traffic situation and making proposals for improvement of traffic management.

The Traffic Control Centre has been established for unified management of transport infrastructure of the city.

In 2014, "Astana LRT" LLP commissioned the first phase of ITS. It includes automated control of 42 controlled crossroads at 6 streets: Saryarka, Turan, Kunaev, Dostyk and Syganak. During the operation, the ITS system has proven its traffic control effectiveness by increasing the traffic capacity of street network and speed of traffic flow on abovementioned streets to an average of 21%.

The second phase of ITS is being developed at the moment, which includes 114 traffic lights. In total, it is planned to connect 402 controlled crossroads of the city to the Intelligent Transportation System.