850000 passenger transportation per day
SPORT SHUTTLE BUS обслуживание спортивных мероприятий
More seats
Suburban routs to 21 settlements
Для EXPRESS-маршрутов


“Astana LRT” was established in April, 2011under the Department of Passenger Transport and Highways of Astana in accordance with the Decree of the Mayor’s Office of Astana.

This transport enterprise was set the tasks as follows:

Currently, “Аstana LRT” organizes the transport strategy of the city and sets new standards by implementing the current and potential projects as:

“Astana LRT” LLP consists of three branches – Center for Transport Operators of Astana, Competency Center for Transport Experts of Astana, and Service for Transport Control.

In addition, “Аstana LRT” LLP conducts transport research, analysis of the city road network, passenger flow, flows correspondence with the involvement of international consultants of the leading companies as Systra, Typsa, Swarco, EBRD, Bureau Veritas, PwC and etc.