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Traffic Patterns Have Been Changed for Several Urban Routes

In connection with the widening of the roadbed on Syganak Streets in the section from the intersection with Kabanbay Batyr Avenue to M3 Bridge and on Shamshi Kaldayakov Street in the section from M3 Bridge to Tauyelsizdik Avenue, traffic patterns will be

- Bus Route No. 4: from B.Momyshuly to Tauyelsizdik Ave. without entering Zh. Nazhimedenov Str. and Sh. Kaldayakov Str.;


- Bus Route No. 14: from B.Momyshuly Ave. to Tauyelsizdik Ave. bypassing K. Amanzholov Str.;


- Bus Route No. 21: from D. Kunayev Str. along R. Koshkarbayev Ave. to Baytursynov Str. without entering Sh. Kaldayakov Str.;


- Bus Route No. 32: from Dostyk Str. to Tauyelsizdik Str. including Orynbor Str., Koshkarbayev Ave. and Baytursynov Str. without entering Nazhimedenov and Kaldayakov streets;


- Bus Route No. 51: from Kabanbay Batyr Str. to Orynbor Str. without entering Syganak Str. and Sauran Str.;


-Bus Route No. 52: from Kabanbay Batyr Str. to Orynbor Str. without entering Syganak Str.;


-Bus Route No. 55: along Turan Ave., further on Sarayshyk Str. without entering Syganak, Turkestan, Dostyk and Orynbor streets.


It should be noted that the previous traffic pattern for the urban passenger transport will be resumed upon the completion of the maintenance works carried out for the streets and roads network of Astana.

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06.06.2016 04:43:00